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Updated 2.8.16 Installer with a Major Bugfix Released

With the past few releases, users on the 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows platforms were plagued by an annoying bug — resizing a window crashed GIMP. We believe this to be fixed, and have released an updated installer.

Updated Windows Installer Signature

The Windows installer packages for GIMP 2.8.16 were reported as corrupt when downloaded with the Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11 browsers. The current installer package fixes this.

Corrupt Windows Installer Warnings

The Windows installer packages for GIMP 2.8.16 are reported as corrupt when downloaded with the Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11 browsers. This is due to a policy by Microsoft.

Libre Graphics Meeting 2015

Two months to go till Libre Graphics Meeting 2015 happens in Toronto, Canada. This conference is a great place to meet the people who make and use free and open source graphics software.

The Price of Being Popular

When software is popular, then there are elements out there who seek to profit from it by less ethical means. GIMP is being attacked in that manner as well.

Download server renamed to, no FTP anymore

Heads-up if you are still accessing the downloads via

The downloads server has been renamed to, and it doesn’t support FTP anymore. If you have linked any file, installer package, source archive or directory with an ftp://-Link, please change it to https …

Libre Graphics Meeting 2014

The Libre Graphics Meeting is a conference where artists, users, developers, designers, contributors,… who use, plan, develop, play with, tamper with free, libre and open source graphics applications, libraries, concepts,…

It is an unparalleled opportunity for them to meet, talk, discuss, listen, experience and learn about their favorite tools, the …

GIMP Manual 2.8.1 released

We’ve released a new version of the user manual with:

  • Many, many, many bugfixes
  • New (incomplete) translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Catalan
  • The online version of the manual provides a language menu. Readers are now able to easily switch to a different language of the same page.
  • It is now …

Mailing Lists Moved to GNOME Mailing List Server

Our mailing lists have moved to the GNOME list server. All previously subscribed users have automatically been added to the new lists.

The old list mail addresses are no longer valid, please use the new ones from now–note that in addition to the changed domain, the list names got …

Online Docs and Developer Pages Restored

The online docs and developer pages are available again:

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