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GEGL and babl Updated, GIMP 2.8rc1 Released

We released new versions of GEGL and babl, quickly followed by the first release candidate of GIMP 2.8.

GEGL 0.2.0 has some major improvements and breaks API/ABI compatibility with earlier versions for some very good reasons.

Perhaps the most exciting change in GEGL is an initial ...

GIMP Accepted for GSoC2012

GIMP has been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2012 program. This is a great chance for aspiring developers to get a good understanding of remote collaborative work and coincidentally help the project become an even better image editor.

We put together a list of project ideas that you might ...

GIMP 2.7.5 Released

We’ve just released GIMP 2.7.5, the last beta in the 2.7.x series. This version got various fixes and improvements, translation updates and a few minor features such as configurable default color of quick masks.

Since this version GIMP is shipping with a revamped brush pack ...

GIMP at Libre Graphics Meeting 2012

On May 2–5 we are attending Libre Graphics Meeting 2012, the annual conference for developers and users of free software for graphic design, photography and 3D modeling. The event is taking place in the beautiful city of Vienna, co-located with Linuxwochen.

The conference started in 2006 as an extended ...

GIMP 2.6.12 Released – The Final 2.6 Release

GIMP 2.6.12 is a bug-fix release in the stable GIMP 2.6 series. Its purpose is mostly to wrap up all fixes that have piled up since 2.6.11 into a last release in the stable 2.6 series before we switch to 2.8. Please have ...

GIMP 2.7.4 Released, GEGL and babl Updated

We released GIMP 2.7.4 with minor improvements and bugfixes. Most improvements are related to user interface and usability, see here for detailed list of changes. Depending on amount of bugs we get reports on this could be the last version before 2.8 release candidates and 2.8 ...

AMD Sponsors Further Work on OpenCL Support in GEGL

Victor Oliveira, our GSoC2011 student, is going to continue his work on getting OpenCL support in GEGL for hardware accelerated rendering and computations. AMD got interested in the project and agreed to sponsor it.

The plan is to implement GPU-side color conversions and compositing operations, as well as some ...

Mailing Lists Moved to GNOME Mailing List Server

Our mailing lists have moved to the GNOME list server. All previously subscribed users have automatically been added to the new lists.

The old list mail addresses are no longer valid, please use the new ones from now–note that in addition to the changed domain, the list names got ...

Online Docs and Developer Pages Restored

The online docs and developer pages are available again:

FTP and Wiki Back Online

We managed to get FTP and Wiki back online:

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