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Experiments with AppImage

Dev report about AppImage bundling

GIMP at LGM 2024 (Rennes, France)

GIMP team will be at LGM 2024, in Rennes, France

GIMP 2.10.38 Released

Release news for version GIMP 2.10.38

GIMP 2.99.18 Released: The Last Development Preview Before 3.0!

Release news for version GIMP 2.99.18

GIMP 2.10.36 Released

Release news for version GIMP 2.10.36

GIMP now on Windows for ARM (experimental)

GIMP’s Windows installer now supports ARM 64-bit architecture.

GIMP 2.99.16 Released: Wilber Week 2023 edition!

Release news for version GIMP 2.99.16

Wilber Week 2023: report

The meeting of GIMP developers is back!

GIMP in GSoC 2023

GIMP is again a Google Summer of Code mentor organization in 2023

GIMP Help Manual 2.10.34 Released

Release news for GIMP Help Manual version 2.10.34

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