GIMP at LGM 2024 (Rennes, France)

The Libre Graphics Meeting (LGM) is the biggest international gathering of Free Software for graphics creation. Born in 2006 as an evolution of our GIMPCon, the event went on every year since then, thanks to the support of various major projects, such as Blender, Inkscape, Scribus… until 2019, because of a pandemic which everybody knows about!

After 2 years where the event went online, then 2 years without LGM at all, it is finally back, this time in France, Rennes, from Thursday, May 9 (French holiday) to Saturday, May 11, 2024!

Libre Graphics Meeting 2024 logo
Logo of Libre Graphics Meeting 2024

As every year, the GIMP team will be present. Three talks are presented by members of the team, one of them being prolonged through a standards-making workshop:

  • Friday, May 10 at 2:30PM: OpenType and the desktop by Liam Quin, one of our long term contributors:

    Proposing a cross-desktop font service (DBUS-based?) to support user interfaces for people to instantiate variable fonts, to edit colour font palettes, choose alternate glyphs, install/uninstall fonts, and that can return paths, or glyph lists, or font names, or rendered text, to any application.

  • Friday, May 10 from 4PM: workshop part of OpenType and the desktop talk by Liam Quin: hoping that the presentation will move on to a discussion so that Free Software projects can work together to propose a standard for font listing, selection, usage and more.

  • Saturday, May 11 at 2PM: GIMP 3.0 and beyond by the whole team:

    GIMP team will present the long-awaited new major version, GIMP 3.
    On the menu : non-destructive editing, multi-layer selection, color management improvements, brand new plug-in API, port to GTK3 (HiPPI, Wayland support, CSS themes, better tablet support, etc.) and more.
    We will also expose our plans for the future.

  • Saturday, May 11, at 3PM: Early screening with live music (cinema-concert): « ZeMarmot »

    Jehan (GIMP maintainer) and Aryeom (artist in residence, illustrator, designer…) will present their short animation film, ZeMarmot, produced by the non-profit film production LILA (Libre comme l’Art / Free as Art).
    The movie in its current state (color and background unfinished) will be screened with live music by 3 musicians (ORL, Pelin, Adrien) from our friend music collective, AMMD, which work with us on this movie and only produces Libre Music.

    The showing will take about 10 minutes, followed by a talk and questions with Aryeom (film director), ORL (film score composer, and musician) and Jehan (technical, development, organization, backend…).

We will await you!

Summed-Up Information

  • Event page
  • Location:

    4A rue du Bignon
    35000 Rennes

  • Libre Graphics Meeting: from May 9 to 11, 2024, doors opening at 9AM, then all day long!
  • Main GIMP talk: Saturday, May 11, 2024 from 2PM to 3PM (by the GIMP team)
  • OpenType talk: Friday, May 10, 2024 from 2:30PM to 3:30PM (by Liam Quin)
  • OpenType workshop: Friday, May 10, 2024 from 4PM to 6PM (by Liam Quin)
  • ZeMarmot musical showing and talk: Saturday, May 11, 2024 from 3PM to 4PM (by Aryeom, film director, ORL, composer, Jehan, developer, and Pelin and Adrien, musicians)
  • Full program
  • Online map
  • More info on how to reach the location
  • Event is recorded: yes

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