GIMP is a GSoC 2022 mentor organization

Up till 2013, GIMP was a regular at the Summer of Code. Ever since then we haven’t applied. Nine years have passed, so we decided to give it a new try and 2 days ago, we received an email: GNU Image Manipulation program is officially a Google Summer of Code 2022 mentor organization!

If anyone is interested, it could be a good opportunity to jump into the development of a huge desktop program used by millions of people. Here are some ideas of what you could possibly work on: wiki with list of possible project ideas.

On our side, we are interested in realistic projects which can really be finished or at least broken down in usable parts. Our list of ideas is mostly informative and we very much welcome people coming with their own ideas. If you want to participate, come discuss with us on IRC.


GIMP is a huge codebase with high quality level requirements before acceptance of any code. It will require any participant to be thorough, listen well to our reviews and have some perseverance.

To increase acceptance chances, you could pick some bugs to fix or some easy features to implement (look in our newcomers list or simply in the full list of reports; possibly if you encounter an issue yourself, you could just come and fix that!), make a merge request with us and see how it goes. This would be the best kind of first contact before submitting your application.

Last but not least: we welcome contributors from all walks of life, regardless of origin, skin color, gender etc. All we ask is that you remain courteous and respectful to your fellow developers while working with us, and we will of course return the courtesy. If you’re looking for a welcoming environment, our project may be the perfect fit for you! 🤗

See you on the other side?!