Strings Freeze For GIMP 2.10 Is Now On

GIMP’s user interface is currently available in 80 languages. So far ca. 20 translations have been updated in the unstable branch since the beginning of the work on v2.10, and only 8 translations in the ‘po’ directory (where most translatable messages reside) are at least 90% complete. So clearly we need to give our translators a head start.

This is why GIMP’s master branch is now entering a tentative strings freeze phase in preparation for 2.10 release. We expect further changes between today and the v2.10 final release to affect no more than 1% of translatable messages. So it’s safe to start updating user interface translations now.

If you are interested, how complete the translation into your language is, check out the current stats. To start updating it, please contact your local team.

We would also like to remind translators that we are relaxing the release policy for the stable branch. Starting with v2.10, stable releases may have minor new features. This makes changes and the introduction of new strings more likely than in previous stable branches, where the only changes allowed were bug fixes (and which introduced only few string changes).