Articles by Alexandre Prokoudine

GEGL 0.3.8 and babl 0.1.18 Released

New version of GEGL and babl are out with new features, minor improvements, and fixes to accomodate upcoming GIMP 2.9.4.

Call for GIMP 2.10 Documentation Update

For the past several months we’ve been working on GIMP mostly in the bugfix mode. It’s time to start updating the user manual for the upcoming release.

GEGL 0.3.6 Released

Last weekend, we released a new version of GEGL, graph based image processing framework used by GIMP and other free/libre graphics applications.

StreamComputing launches GEGL-OpenCL project

This week, StreamComputing launches an educational initiative that aims to get more developers to study and use OpenCL in their projects. Within this project, up to 20 collaborators will port as many GEGL operations to OpenCL as possible.

GIMP and GEGL in 2015

We hope you are having great holidays. Here is our annual report about project activities in 2015.

Libre Graphics Meeting 2016 Calls For Participation

On April 15—18, Libre Graphics Meeting 2016 conference is taking place in London. We invite you to attend it and meet developers of free graphics software, lead a workshop, or participate in one.

GIMP 2.9.2 Released

We are excited to announce the first development release of GIMP in the 2.9.x series. It is another major milestone towards making GIMP a state-of-the art image editing application for graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, and scientists.

GEGL 0.3.0, babl 0.1.12 Released

We have just released new versions of GEGL and babl, the libraries that take all the heavy lifting for color space conversion and image processing in GIMP.

ZeMarmot, Libre Movie to be Made with GIMP, Blender, Ardour

During Libre Graphics Meeting 2015 last week in Toronto our very own Jehan Pagès announced a new open animated movie project, ZeMarmot.

GIMP and GEGL in 2014

In 2014, we spent most of the time on improving GIMP’s usability and finalizing the GEGL port of GIMP to lay the foundation for various advanced features in demand by professionals.

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