Heart Shape


This tutorial is aimed to teach you to create a heart shape in GIMP using selections.

Step 1

Fire up GIMP and create a new image. I used a white background at 400px by 400px and no specific other settings changed.

Step 2

Create a new transparent layer.

Step 3

Select the tool (Ellipse Select Tool) or on keyboard press E In the tool options select ‘Fixed’ - Aspect ratio

Draw first circle shape and fill selection with red color. See below image:

Heart Shape

Step 4

Deselect the shape by going to:

or Shift+Ctrl+A on keyboard.

Step 5

Create another transparent layer

Step 6

Select the Rectangle Select Tool or press R on keyboard

Make the selection from the middle of the circle and down. And fill with red color:

Heart Shape

Step 7

Deselect the shape by going to:

or Shift+Ctrl+A on keyboard.

Step 8

Right click the layer for the rectangle shape and select “Merge down” so it merges with the layer of the circle shape. See layers dialog example below:

Heart Shape

Step 9

Select the tool “Rotate Tool” or press Shift+R on keyboard and click the layer to rotate which is the red shape dialog.

In the dialog, change the Angle to be 45. See image below:

Heart Shape

NOTE! I have changed the settings for the tool to be “Direction: Normal (Forward)” therefore my shape is forwarded rotated then backward. In general it does not matter because we are going to duplicate and move layers around in next step. The main part is only to have it rotated.

Step 10

In layers dialog duplicate the shape layer. See image below:

Heart Shape

Step 11

Select the tool: Flip Tool or press Shift+F on keyboard and Flip the new shape. See below:

Heart Shape
Heart Shape

Step 12

Select the tool: Move Tool or press M on keyboard.

Move one of the layers so they align at the bottom of the shape (NOTE: you can move the layer with the arrow keys on the keyboard also). See below:

Heart Shape

Almost done! Now lets merge the shape together.

Step 13

In the top layer for the shape. Right click the layer and press “Merge Down”.

Heart Shape

Final step

Last let’s fix the layer boundaries. Right click the shape layer and press “Layer to Image Size”

Heart Shape

Creative Commons By Share Alike GIMP Tutorial - Heart Shape by GIMP Team Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.