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GEGL 0.3.0, babl 0.1.12 Released

We have just released new versions of GEGL and babl, the libraries that take all the heavy lifting for color space conversion and image processing in GIMP.

GIMP Project’s Official Statement on SourceForge’s Actions

This is the GIMP project’s official statement on SourceForge’s actions in regard to “abandoned” projects on their service.

SourceForge, What the…?

We are receiving reports that people who get to SourceForge for GIMP installers for Windows receive small installers that include additional software.

ZeMarmot, Libre Movie to be Made with GIMP, Blender, Ardour

During Libre Graphics Meeting 2015 last week in Toronto our very own Jehan Pagès announced a new open animated movie project, ZeMarmot.

Libre Graphics Meeting 2015

Two months to go till Libre Graphics Meeting 2015 happens in Toronto, Canada. This conference is a great place to meet the people who make and use free and open source graphics software. — R.I.P.

We noticed that, once the host of GIMP tutorials, has been abandoned by its original owner and is redirecting visitors to some very suspicious downloads—don’t go there.

GIMP and GEGL in 2014

In 2014, we spent most of the time on improving GIMP’s usability and finalizing the GEGL port of GIMP to lay the foundation for various advanced features in demand by professionals.

The Price of Being Popular

When software is popular, then there are elements out there who seek to profit from it by less ethical means. GIMP is being attacked in that manner as well.

GIMP Magazine Issue #6 Released

The newly released issue #6 of GIMP Magazine features a “Using GIMP for portrait and fashion photography” master class by Aaron Tyree who uses GIMP professionally, and a gallery of other artworks and photos made or processed with GIMP.

The team is planning to switch to monthly releases, however they ...

Updated 2.8.14 Installer for Microsoft Windows

We have released an updated 2.8.14 installer (http) for Microsoft Windows. This one fixes the crash on window resize and the missing icons bugs - all by updating the included GTK+ library to 2.24.24.

Still unsolved are the missing spacing character in the zoom drop down and ...

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