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This page contains the best links to interesting GIMP-related sites. If you want to link to us instead, please have a look at this other page.

GIMP RSS feeds Take your bugs here. GIMP UI Redesign Wiki GIMP Documentation Plug-ins & Scripts

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GIMP developers The main GIMP development website.

Martin Nordholts’ GIMP Blog What happens in GIMP development.

GEGL An image processing library based on GObjects.

GNOME GIT GNOME GIT source code repository


Getting Around in GIMP A collection of tutorials aimed at photography and retouching.

Search GIMP tutorials This site lets you find and rate GIMP tutorials hosted on other sites (note: with advertisements).

Gimp.Tutorials This site lets you find and comment on GIMP tutorials hosted on other sites (note: with advertisements). Tutorials Tutorials on (English + German) has lots of GIMP tutorials; most of the texts are in German and English.

Gimpology Tutorials for the gimp More GIMP tutorials

GIMP-startpagina (Dutch version) Just one page, but contains the most up-to-date collection of links to GIMP-sites.

GIMP-startpage (English version) Essentially the same as the one above, but this time in English.

GIMP-category from ODP This OpenDirectoryProject-category holds links to GIMP-sites (like this page).

Meet the GIMP! A video podcast about the free graphics program GIMP

DeviantArt Resources (brushes, scripts, plug-ins) for GIMP and other applications

Clubs & Communities

English GIMP-club English-spoken community to discuss usage of GIMP

GIMP in Russian Russian site about GIMP. Articles, tutorials, FAQ, forum. A resource for artist using GNU/Linux. German-spoken forum focusing on GIMP. News, tutorials, user-to-user help and galleries. German GIMP platform offering tips & information about GIMP and a growing tutorials database. An international community site offering tips, news and a growing tutorials database.

GIMP in Lithuanian Lithuanian site about GIMP, featuring news, tutorials, forum and galleries. News, tutorials, forum, galleries for Spanish-speaking users. News, blog and forum in Magyar (Hungarian). GIMP for Polish-speaking users: news, forum, tutorials, gallery. Forum and galleries in Norwegian.

GUG - Gimp User Group Forum, tutorials, galleries. Forum, tutorials, galleries and resources.

Gimper Forum, tutorials, galleries and resources.

Created with GIMP

Computer-graphics with GIMP This OpenDirectoryProject-category holds links to galleries of images created with GIMP

Other Graphics Applications

ImageMagick A collection of tools and libraries that work at the command line as well.

Tux Paint A drawing program for young children.

Krita Krita is a KDE program for sketching and painting, offering an end–to–end solution for creating digital painting files from scratch by masters.

XV One of the original Unix graphics applications.

Skencil (formerly known as Sketch) A vector drawing program for Unix.

Inkscape Very powerful SVG-based illustration package distributed under the GNU GPL.

Blender Multi-platform full featured 3D content creation suite, also distributed under the GPL.