GIMP team’s Privacy Policy

Team statement

GIMP, as a software and as a community of people, does not, in any way, collect, transmit, share or use any Personal Data.

No trackers, no ads, no data share

GIMP is community-developed Free Software. The community does not condone usage of private data of others so our software does not gather or send data.

This website is mostly static, it does not contain any trackers, neither ours nor third-party. Furthermore no cookies are stored in your browser.

The website does not contain advertisements.

The software does not contain advertisements or trackers either.


  • GIMP is able to load or save files on remote access (for some protocols and platforms). If you choose to load or save a remote file, your IP or other private data might be shared as part of the normal connection flow for the given protocol. This is out of our control and it is up to you to decide whether you trust a remote host.

  • GIMP is meant to manipulate image files which usually contain all types of metadata. It is your responsibility to verify the metadata contained in your files before you share them with others.

  • While running and for subsequent runs, GIMP uses local persistent storage for logs, configuration files, cache, thumbnails, recently accessed files and other information which may contain private data. This stays on local storage.

  • When reading the online version of the User Manual within GIMP, manual contents is requested through HTTPS connections.

  • Windows and macOS packages are built with an “update check” option to verify, through an HTTPS connection requesting a static file, if new versions have been released, no more than once a week. Checking for new releases is the only purpose and nothing else is done.

  • GIMP is Free Software and therefore may be packaged by other people, who may include additional software or modify the source code. We do not vouch for these third-party packages and cannot tell you what they contain and what they do regarding your privacy. The official packages are explicitly listed in our download page.