GIMP Merchandise

The vendors listed here are selling GIMP-related products and donate a part of their benefits to the GIMP developers, so buying these products allows you to support GIMP indirectly (direct donations to GIMP are also possible). The GIMP developers are glad to receive these contributions but are not directly associated with these companies, so please check the web sites of these vendors to see the extent of their contributions.

Kernel concepts

Kernel concepts sells products related to free software, including pins featuring Wilber, the GIMP mascot.


The source code for GIMP can be downloaded from this site. Pre-compiled packages of GIMP for various operating systems can also be downloaded from other sites listed on our platform-specific pages.

But sometimes it is convenient to have a copy of GIMP available on CD-ROM or other physical storage medium. Note that if you are using GNU/Linux, it is likely that you already have some version of the GIMP included in your GNU/Linux distribution. Some vendors of GIMP CDs may also include additional material such as scripts, brushes, patterns or stock images. The vendors listed below have made some donations to the GIMP developers in the past.


FlamingText GIMP sells CDs containing a GIMP package for Windows.

Other vendors

If you intend to sell copies of GIMP on CDs or other media, please have a look at our page about selling GIMP.

If you intend to produce and sell GIMP-related merchandise such as tee-shirts, pins or other gadets, we would appreciate being contacted before you create any modified version of artwork featured on this site such as Wilber, the GIMP mascot. See also our page about using images of Wilber.

If you sell GIMP merchandise and return a part of your benefits to the GIMP developers, you can ask us to be listed on this page. Please post a message to the gimp-developer mailing list and some developers will try to sort out the details with you.